Why Bamboo

In the present age of global warming, it is imperative to save as many trees as possible. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on earth. It is a high-yield renewable resource which can be used as a raw material for housing construction, rebar for reinforced concrete beams as well as furniture. Hence increasing the use of bamboo over other materials addresses the greater concern of environment protection. Bamboo is one of the strongest construction materials in that it has a tensile strength superior to many types of steel (it can withstand up to 52,000 pounds/sq inch of pressure), and its weight-tostrength ratio surpasses even that of graphite. Bamboo fibre is a much more hypoallergenic choice than any other fabric or leather. If you are concerned about the well being of your family or your own skin, or if you have a new born in the house, bamboo fabric is a superior choice for you and your familyâs health. Bamboo maintains a certain temperature quite well. This helps it to grow in a variety of climates in various geographies. It is also the reason why bamboo keeps you warm in the cold months, and cools you off in the hot summers. Hence you can find high-end bamboo workout attire and bamboo bedding. All of us are scared of sunburns, yet our bodies benefit from a healthy amount of sunlight. People generally lather themselves up with chemical-laden sun blocks, or merely throw on a cover-up. Bamboo naturally blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which keeps your body and mind full of Vitamin E, without sacrificing your beautiful, sensitive skin. Bulky furniture with synthetic cushion/foam looks beautiful, but may also cause sweating, irritation, eliminate breathability of skin, and allow your skin to build up bacterial colony. The results may be chafing, rashes, and other uncomfortable irritations. Bamboo has the natural ability to wick away unwanted moisture content from your skin and let you feel more comfortable. You do not want to smell bad, do you? If you are among those of us on the anti-chemical front, fortunately bamboo has natural deodorizing properties. From clothes and furniture to rugs and blankets, you will see a huge difference in odour retention in resistance when you choose bamboo materials. Bamboo is a mystical plant: a symbol of strength, flexibility, tenacity, and endurance. It sustains the livelihood of over 2.2 billion people worldwide. Throughout Asia, bamboo has for centuries been integral to religious ceremonies, art, music, and daily life. People use bamboo to build traditional instruments, houses, household goods and ornaments. Many artisans around the world are dependent on bamboo. Bamboo has always been a part of our society.



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